Everyone living in Palo Alto benefits from our exceptional school district. We must unite around our shared values to address community issues like mental health and well-being, and foster an environment that supports its students, parents, and teachers. If elected, I will take steps to increase transparency and rebuild the trust between the district and the community.

An Ombudsman for Independent Oversight

My plan to rebuild trust between the community and the district includes the creation of an office of the ombuds. An ombudsman will listen to community members’ concerns and assist with reporting procedures, as well as conduct independent inquiries. This office reporting directly to the board and will help maintain the integrity and transparency of internal investigations.

Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellness

Decreasing student stress and supporting mental health and wellness should be one of the most important goals of our school district. I support the expansion of the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, wellness centers at all our high schools and middle schools, and the implementation of the homework policy aimed at reducing student workload and stress.