Twenty-first century education requires innovation. We need to create more opportunities to engage every student in the process of learning so they may become lifelong learners - a requirement in today’s dynamic economy. 

Building Strong Relationships to Expand Career Pathways

I plan to build strong relationships with industry leaders to provide innovative career training options for students, like the Lockheed Martin internship. I will also use my own network of PAUSD alumni to involve our successful former students in mentoring and providing career pathways to current students. Finally, I will strengthen our relationship with our local community colleges to ensure that robust linked learning and middle college opportunities are available to our students.

An Incubator for Groundbreaking Education

PAUSD, at the heart of Silicon Valley, can be a leader in innovating education. Innovative ideas and methods for integrated curricula, real-life application, and project-based learning are most effective when they come from our teachers. BEAM, Connections, Social Justice Pathways, and AAR are examples of such programs that already have proven success. If elected, I plan to create a district incubator to elicit new ideas and support their implementation with a level of consistency that provides opportunity to every student regardless of their zip code.