PAUSD graduate, litigator, and future father who is passionate about building a district that empowers every student to reach their individual potential.



“Dharap's training as an attorney and his thoughtful analysis of issues will be a valuable addition to a board that has struggled with legal compliance and process issues, especially given the impending hiring of a general counsel.”

Palo Alto Weekly | Read Full Article

“Dharap reminds of [Santa Clara County Supervisor] Simitian – he’s intelligent, knows the subject matter and is responsive to the community.”

Palo Alto Daily Post | Read Full Article

“I would love to have Shounak join me on the board. His professional expertise and deep connection to our district would truly be valuable. He gets my vote!”

Jennifer DiBrienza, PAUSD School Board Vice President

“Shounak brings something unique and very valuable to our school board: legal expertise, personal experience attending our schools, and the diverse perspective of a first generation American of color. What an advantage it would be for us to have him on the school board.”

Liz Kniss, Palo Alto Mayor

“We are impressed by Shounak’s understanding of and commitment to student wellness. He is wise and thoughtful beyond his years and will fight for ALL of our students. We are proud to support him.”

Allan & Mary Seid, Founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

Elected Officials

Jennifer DiBrienza

PAUSD School Board Vice President

Todd Collins

PAUSD School Board Member

Marc Berman

State Assemblymember 24th District

“I'm proud to endorse Shounak Dharap for PAUSD school board. Shounak is an independent thinker who offers a wealth of experience, including his first-hand perspective as a PAUSD graduate. I share his priority for high quality education through a stronger community, greater accountability, thoughtful innovation, and equity for all students. He has my vote, my confidence, and my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Liz Kniss

Palo Alto Mayor

“Shounak brings something unique and very valuable to our school board: legal expertise, personal experience attending our schools, and the diverse perspective of a first generation American of color. What an advantage it would be for us to have him on the school board”

Cory Wolbach

Palo Alto City Councilmember

“I am proud to support a fellow JLS & Gunn grad who understands the benefits and challenges of growing up in Palo Alto, and who is willing to step up for the next generation. ”

Pat Burt

Former Palo Alto Mayor

“We need leadership who can help bring us together and move us forward. Shounak has the insight, sound judgement, and balance that will do that.”

Dana Tom

Former PAUSD School Board President

“We need Shounak’s experience as a PAUSD student and a lawyer to help every student achieve their own success. I wish Shounak has been on the school board when I was serving.”

Gail Price

Former School Board and City Council Member

“Vote for Shounak for School Board! He brings thoughtful insight, critical analytical skills, caring approach to students, families, and educators, abilities to navigate complex fiscal and policy issues and craft solutions. He demonstrates energy, desire, and commitment to give his best in office!  He has my strong support.”

Adrian Fine

Palo Alto City Councilmember 

Greg Scharff

Palo Alto City Councilmember

Marielena Gaona Mendoza

Ravenswood School Board Trustee

Claude Ezran

Former Human Relations Commission

Barbara Klausner

Former PAUSD School Board Trustee

Cathy Kroymann

Former PAUSD School Board President

Diane Reklis

Former PAUSD School Board President

Lydia Kou

Palo Alto City Councilmember 

Rich Gordon

State Assemblymember 24th District, Retired

Susie Richardson

Former PAUSD School Board President

Julie Jerome

Former PAUSD School Board President

Carolyn Tucher

Former PAUSD School Board President

Sandra Pearson

Former Principal of Palo Alto High School 

Betsy Bechtel

Former Palo Alto Mayor

Organizations & Press

Palo Alto Weekly


Palo Alto Educators Association


Silicon Valley Young Democrats


Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee


California School Employees Association, Chapter 301

Palo Alto Daily Post


Peninsula Young Democrats

The Campanile

Student newspaper at Paly

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Community Members / Leaders

Alexandra Acker-Lyons

Elaine Andersen

Advait Arun

Sara Armstrong

Sohini Ashoke

Colleen Backstrand

Jamie Barnett

Elizabeth Beheler

Sally Bemus

Sarah Benson-Konforty

Lisa Bertelsen-Kivett

Rajiv Bhateja

Kim Bomar

Nana Chancellor

Brian Chancellor

Frederick Chancellor

Imogene Chancellor

Alison Chezar

Henry Chezar

Gil Chu

Fran Codispoti

Janet Dafoe

Shirley Deneau

Jeanette Dilley

Bill Eichen

Lara Ephron

Liz Esbethenshade

John Fitton

Wynne Furth

Jessica Galbraith

Anne Gerfen

Adrienne Germain

Jeff Greenfield

Charu Gupta

Fred Half

Cherie Half

Sonya Hanna

Bob Harrington

Farish Haydel

Michelle Higgins

Laura Jefferson

Christian Jones

Dipti Joshi

Tilak Kasturi

Kelly Keith

Penny Kerhin

Ceci Kettendorf

Sally Keyes

Smita Kolhatkar

Mel Kronick

Steven Lee

Varsha Lele

Jamie Livingston

Sharon Long

Mare Lucas

Evan Lurie

Stephanie Martinson

Stacy Mason

Elizabeth May

Deborah McCarley

Kristi McMichael

Michelle Mendoza

Spencer Morningstar

Daniel Morrison

Zahra Mustaffar

Andy Mutz

Jennifer Mutz

Christina Nosek

Jenny Nourse

Margo Ogus

Eimi Okano

Jenny Pama

Sharad Patel

Peggy Pizzo

Henriette Cons Ponte

Laura Prentis

Amy Rao

Melissa Reller

Katherine Remsen

Dick Ripley

Diane Rolfe

Ellen Rosenblum

Susan Saal

Andrea Saliba

Sarah Sands

Stephen Schmidt

Christina Schmidt

Allan Seid

Mary Seid

Katie Shade

Sahba Shere

Kim Shimazaki

Wendy Sinton

Jeanese Snyder

Mirjana Spasojevic

Jenny Stone

Patrick Swenson

Joan Taylor

Marie Thompson

Kristina Toland

Ninna Traugott

Jerry Underdal

Sunita Verma

Mary Vincent

Trilochan Virdi

Anjali Vishwanath

Saul Wasserman

Jackie Wheeler

Cecilia Willer

Sara Woodham

Rika Yamamoto

Mila Zelkha

Kevin Zhang

Cindy Ziebelman

Hiren Shah - "Shounak's background, expertise and motivation would be valuable to help drive much needed changes."

Len Filppu - "With fresh, firsthand insights, Shounak respects the many paths - sometimes bumpy - to a quality PAUSD education for all."

Gina Dalma - "Shounak will bring a much needed view to the Board. His grounding in social justice and his passion for education will make him a great addition to our PAUSD Board. I'm proud to endorse him!"

Janet Dafoe - “Shounak is well suited to work collaboratively and constructively with the other members of the board to achieve great education for every student!”

Katie Shade “Shounak will bring the inisght as a former PAUSD student, and offer the expertise of a successful professional. PAUSD and the community is fortunate to have a leader like Shounak offer to be a leader in our school district.”

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