A new voice for PAUSD students

 Shounak, his wife Laura, and their dog Odo

Shounak, his wife Laura, and their dog Odo

My firsthand experience as a PAUSD student has given me a deep appreciation of the virtues and needs of our community’s schools. When students tell me about their journeys, I remember what it was like to walk the same halls and feel the same pressures they face. When parents talk to me about their students’ needs, I’m reminded of the roots my wife and I have put down in Palo Alto and the desire we have to ensure the best opportunities for our future children.

There’s nothing more important to this community than providing every student with quality learning. Clear and consistent policies are critical to fostering a supportive environment where every student can engage with the process of learning. That environment is strengthened by the community’s willingness to come together in support of a common purpose – the lifelong success of our students.

Together we can build a better PAUSD for all our students by renewing the district’s commitment to quality learning, consistency, and unity in our schools.

Shounak Dharap